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Today Leadership is not just a management role; everyone can be inspired to lead from the seat that they occupy. Hindisight Services Inc offers a unique approach to launching StrengthFinders and How to Fascinate to your teams by blending the Psychology of Leadership insights in all of their workshops. You have many excellent resources at your fingertips to assist with building teams, improving engagement, and people development, but adding the Psychology of Leadership to that mix will help you crystallize the benefits of those resources. It should be done in concert to create a symphony by pulling all the pieces together and linking them to Leadership instead of dosing them in silos. We have certifications in all three StrengthFinders, How to Fascinate, and Cornell Psychology of Leadership backed up with 15 plus years of management experience using StrengthFinders as the baseline for people development. Whether you are looking for someone to assist with individual contributor development or Leadership development, these three resources are excellent tools to enhance engagement, professional growth, and increase both productivity and sales.

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“How to Fascinate” Certification

Clifton Strengths Certification

“Clifton Strengths”
Certified Clifton Coach